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Bigcapital - Open-source Alternative to QuickBooks

Modern, Open-Source and Self-hosted Core Accounting Software

Ahmed Bouhuolia
Ahmed BouhuoliaCEO, Founder

When we start building Bigcapital, the ultimate goal is to build a modern advanced open-source core accounting system that has deep multiple dimensions financial statements and insightful analysis KPIs with the ability to integrate with other sales platforms (like Shopify and Stripe) and other banking systems to make Bigcapital the core financial backbone system that tracks the financial transactions of the business to generate concluded reports to the accountant and business owner for faster decision-making.

In my opinion the great core accounting software should have:

  • Insightful excellent financial statements, three-dimensional reports, and analysis KPIs give top executives the concluded image about the current organization financial position.
  • Integration with other systems, ability to integrate the accounting software with other sales, POSs, payment, or even payroll software to sync transactions automatically to the accounting system.
  • User interface Modern accounting software should have an intuitive interface for all users, regardless of their tech or accounting skills.
  • Inventory Tracking, Tracking the cost of goods using FIFO and the average cost is an essential service for most e-commerce companies or any company that sells physical goods to customers.

Key Features of Bigcapital - a QuickBooks alternative

Some of our key features which makes Bigcapital vastly superior to current open-source and cloud products, and a great alternative to QuickBooks are:

Financial Statements the ultimate benefit of categorizing the business transactions under an accounting system is getting the financial statements and reports with the ability to filter and customize the reports as well, under the Reports section you can find all the reports the business needs Balance Sheet, Trial Balance Sheet, Profit/loss Sheet, Journal Sheet, General Ledger, Inventory Summary, Inventory Valuation, A/R summary, A/P summary and other reports about the sales and purchases.

Screenshot of profit/loss sheet in Bigcapital.

Inventory Management organizes your inventory and makes it easy to find products in different stocks, tracking stock levels, and providing reorder alerts. Additionally, you can create bundles by grouping multiple products and services.

Screenshot of items list.

Multiple Branches and Warehouses As businesses expand and open new branches and add new warehouses, it's crucial to track transactions to evaluate each branch's performance and overall organizational success. Bigcapital allows you to create and track branches within transactions and multiple warehouses to track products, ensuring comprehensive performance monitoring.

Screenshot of select specific branch and warehouse for better tracking.

Multiple Currencies advanced multi-currency simplifies global business by enabling transactions in various currencies for international clients. It automatically applies exchange rates, consolidates multi-currency transactions under specific customers or vendors, and provides detailed reports for enhanced financial visibility.

Screenshot of selecting specific customer who has foreign currency.

Banking Syncing Streamline the bank transactions to the accounting directly and keep your accounting up-to-date simplifies and saves a lot of time, whether you're dealing with multiple currencies or consolidating transactions under customers or vendors, the figures on the financial statement always be updated.

Screenshot of banking automatic syncing.

Cloud & Self-hosted Accounting Bigcapital Cloud offers the convenience of accessing financial data from anywhere, automatic updates, and enhanced collaboration. With the ability to host accounting software on your server for more control over data security and customization with just simple CLI commands to install and set up the application. Choosing between the two depends on your business's needs for flexibility and control.

Getting started with Bigcapital

Bigcapital Cloud is the easiest way to run Bigcapital. Sign up and get the early adopter plan you'll get unlimited users and full features access.

You can also install and self-host Bigcapital yourself since it is open-source. With 2,100+ GitHub stars, Find the instructions to self-host Bigcapital.