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A changelog of the latest updates for Bigcapital

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July 09, 2024

Bank rules for automated transactions categorization

We are thrilled to announce the launch of new enhancements to the banking service, including the introduction of bank rules and the ability to categorize and match bank transactions manually. These improvements will significantly reduce the time it takes to close your books.

Bank rules are set of predefined criteria that you set up for your bank account. You inform Bigcaptial how the pulled bank transactions being automatically categorized and assigned to the appropriate categories and accounts. This process saves you time, streamlines reconciliation, and ensures your financial records are accurate.

Bank rules list

Bank transactions matching

Once you connect your bank and credit card accounts, Bigcapital automatically pulls the latest transactions. It suggests matching transactions that already being created in Bigcapital. All you have to do is approve the match if it's correct.

Bank transactions matching

We will introduce more additional improvements to the banking service in the next major release.

June 04, 2024

Attach documents to your transactions

You can now upload and attach documents to any type of transaction like invoice, bill, expense, or even physical bank transaction, to retrieve the source documents easily later on, it's only visible to you and other users of your organization.

This allows for more organized recordkeeping, In a digital system, it makes losing or forgetting these documents almost impossible.

You'll need to configure S3 environment variables on the self-hosted edition before using the feature.

Screenshot of profit/loss sheet in Bigcapital.

Bank feeds syncing

Now in Bigcapital Cloud, you can connect your bank to Bigcapital and set up bank feeds automatically to import transactions from your bank or financial institution directly into your Bigcapital organisation, that will eliminate the need to import transactions manually.

Bigcapital works with Plaid, a specialist provider of secure bank data connections, to offer the ability to automatically import your bank transaction data.

Screenshot of profit/loss sheet in Bigcapital.

Print resource tables

Previously, printing was limited to financial reports only. With this major release, you can now print any resource table, including invoices, charts of accounts, bills, expenses, and more. This enhancement is important for accounting, as it facilitates better record-sharing by providing hard copies of essential documents.